Nichts verpassen - Die VÖ-Schwerpunkte von März und April

MusikWoche präsentiert regelmäßig eine Übersicht über ausgewählte Longplay-Schwerpunkte der nächsten Wochen und Monate.

01.03.2021 09:38 • von Norbert Schiegl
Lana Del Rey veröffentlicht am 19. März über Universal Music ihr siebtes Studioalbum "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" (Bild: Universal Music)

MusikWoche präsentiert regelmäßig eine Übersicht über ausgewählte Longplay-Schwerpunkte der nächsten Wochen und Monate.


09. Woche


16 & Grime - Doom Sessions Vol. 3 (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

35 Tapes - Home (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

A Day To Remember - You're Welcome (Atlantic/Warner Music)

Acid Mammoth - Caravan (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

Adult Mom - Driver (Epitaph Europe/Indigo/375 Media)

Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood - Live (International Anthem/Indigo/375 Media)

Arab Strap - As Days Get Dark (Rock Action Records/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Baest - Necro Sapiens (Century Media/Sony Music)

Reinhold Beckmann & Band - Haltbar bis Ende (Universal Music)

BirdPen - All Function One (Jar Records/Rough Trade)

Alex Bleeker - Heaven On The Faultline (Night Bloom/Indigo/375 Media)

Bonecarver - Evil (Unique Leader/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Boore - Jeck es jeil (SpektaColonia/Alive)

Sheree Brown - Messages From The Spirit ... The Collective (Expansion/Rough Trade)

Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance 1000 - Celebration Mix (Armada/Rough Trade)

Butterfly - Doorways Of Time (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Byrdi - Byrjing (Troll Music/Soulfood)

Caligonaut - Magnified As Giants (Platic Head/Soulfood)

Caribou - Suddenly Remixes EP (City Slang/Rough Trade)

Chevelle - Niratias (Epic/Sony Music)

Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz - In A World (RVNG Intl./Cargo/375 Media)

Diverse - Bonking Berlin Bastards (A-Ton/Rough Trade)

Diverse - I Love 90ies Vol. 1 (Quadrophon/da-music)

Diverse - The Dome Vol. 97 (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Rhythms Of Zamunda (Music Inspired by Coming 2 America) (Def Jam/Universal Music)

Diverse - Rocksteady Got Soul (Soul Jazz/Indigo/375 Media)

Diverse - Die ultimative deutsche Schlager Hitparade Frühjahr/Sommer 2021 (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - Wisst ihr noch? ... die 80er! (Nitron Media/Sony Music)

DMA's - Live At Brixton (BMG/Warner Music)

Dreamshade - A Pale Blue Dot (Horang Music/Dreamshade/Tunecore/Believe)

Fate - Milch für die Fliegen (Honigdachs/Alive)

Father John Misty - Fear Fun (Sub Pop/Cargo/375 Media)

Five The Hierophant - Through Aureate Void (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

FM Einheit - Exhibition Of A Dream (Cold Spring/Cargo/375 Media)

Fruit Bats - The Pet Parade (Merge Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Ron Gallo - Peacemeal (New West Records/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Hilary Hahn - Paris (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Ken Hensley - My Book Of Answers (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Herzog - Herzi (BombenProdukt/Sony Music)

Judith Hill - Baby, I'm Hollywood! (Regime Music Group/Rough Trade)

Hasaan Ibn Ali - Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album (Omnivore Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Ikoqwe - The Beginning, The Medium, The End And The Infinite (Crammed Discs/Indigo/375 Media)

Janosch - Oh, wie schön ist Panama - Das Liederalbum (Edel:Kids/Edel)

Japan - Quiet Life (Reissue) (BMG/Warner Music)

Junglepussy - JP4 (Jagjaguwar/Cargo/375 Media)

King Orgasmus One - Manifest (ILM Records/Porno Boss Productions/Soulfood)

Kings Of Leon - When You See Yourself (RCA/Sony Music)

Christian Kjellvander feat. Jessica Ottosson - Redemption (Soundtrack "Die Toten von Marnow" EP) (DolceRita Recordings/Soulfood)

Håkon Kornstad - Out Of The Loop (Jazzland/Edel)

Zara Larsson - Poster Girl (Epic/Sony Music)

Billy Lockett - Reflections EP (Billy Lockett/Rough Trade)

Stephanie Lottermoser - Hamburg (Leopard/Broken Silence)

Dirk Maassen - Echoes (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Madlib - Sound Ancestors (Arranged By Kieran Hebden) (Madlib Invazion/Groove Attack) (*)

Mason Hill - Against The Wall (7Hz Recordings/ADA/Warner Music)

Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird - These 13 (Wegawam/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Meer - Playing House (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Pat Metheny - Road To The Sun (Modern Recordings/BMG/Warner Music)

Nils Mönkemeyer - Vivaldi - Paganini - Tartini (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Ennio Morricone - I Malamondo (Soundtrack) (Reissue) (Cam/Decca/Universal Music)

Mork - Katedralen (Peaceville/Edel)

Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen - Seemannsgrab (Affeninsel/Universal Music)

Nie und Nimmer - Mensch sein (recordJet/Edel)

Nightfall - At Night We Pray (Season Of Mist/Soulfood)

Oh Brother - Für Frühstück keine Zeit (EP) (Jive Germany/Sony Music)

Nino Oliviero/Riz Ortolani - Mondo Cane (Soundtrack) (Reissue) (Cam/Decca/Universal Music)

Owen Pallett - Island (Domino Records/GoodToGo) (*)

Patawawa - Power-Up (Modern Sky/Rough Trade)

Jeremy Pelt - Griot: This Is Important! (HighNote Records/Zyx)

PeterLicht - Beton und Ibuprofen (Tapete/Indigo/375 Media)

Ricky Peterson & The Peterson Brothers - Under The Radar (Leopard/Broken Silence)

Project Animo - Edition 1 (Electrola/Universal Music)

Freddy Quinn - Big Box (Electrola/Universal Music)

Dunja Rajter - Ich will das Leben spüren (Mandorla Music/Warner Music)

Regener Pappik Busch - Ask Me Now (Vertigo Berlin/Universal Music)

Michel Schroeder Ensemble - Bunt (Laika/Rough Trade)

Andre Schuen/Daniel Heide - Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Sierra Kidd - Naosu (TeamFuckSleep/Chapter One/Universal Music)

Sphinx - Here We Are (Reissue) (GoldenCore Records/ZYX)

Spill Canvas - Conduit (Pure Noise/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

SpongeBob Schwammkopf - Schwammtastisch (Sony Music)

Rick Springfield - Orchestrating My Life (Live) (August Day/Rough Trade)

Suad - Waves (Svart Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Suss - Promise (Northern Spy/Bertus)

Robin Thicke - On Earth, And In Heaven (Empire/Alive)

Tigers Jaw - I Won't Care How You Remember Me (Hopeless Records/Soulfood)

Tusmørke - Nordisk Krim (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Visionist - A Call To Arms (Mute/Rough Trade)

Yan Wagner - Couleur Chaos (Yotanka Productions/Broken Silence)

Jane Weaver - Flock (Fire Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Moritz Weiss Klezmer Trio - Klezmer Explosion (Unit Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Die Welttraumforscher - Die Rückkehr der echten Menschheit (1981-1990) Bureau B/Indigo/375 Media)

Die Welttraumforscher - Wir arbeiten für die nächste Welt (1992-2012) Bureau B/Indigo/375 Media)

Philipp Wisser - Just A Glimpse (Jazzsick/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Witherfall - Curse Of Autumn (Century Media/Sony Music)

Wolvennest - Temple (Van Records/Soulfood)

Neil Young - Neil Young Archives Vol. 2 (1972-1982) (Reprise Records/Warner Music)


10. Woche


Adult Books - Grecian Urn (Taxi Gauche/Cargo/375 Media)

The Anchoress - The Art Of Losing (Kscope/Edel)

Annelie - Herz (Masterworks/Sony Music)

Ronnie Atkins - One Shot (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Beach Bunny - Blame Game (Mom+Pop/Bertus)

Black Diamonds - No-Tell Hotel (Metalapolis Records/da-music)

Blackmore's Night - Nature's Light (earMusic/Edel)

Bloodspot - The Cannibal Instinct (Reaper Entertainment Europe/Universal Music)

Blutengel - Fountain Of Destiny (Out Of Line Music/Rough Trade)

Brudi030 - New Wave (SLS Music/Sony Music)

Chez Kane - Chez Kane (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Popa Chubby - Tinfoil Hat (Dixie Frog/Bertus)

June Cocó - Metamorphoses (Flashback/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Conan - Live At Freak Valley (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Cathal Coughlan - Song Of Co-Aklan (Dimple Discs/Indigo/375 Media)

The Crown - Royal Destroyer (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Danish String Quartet - Prism III (ECM New Series/Universal Music)

Dead Poet Society - -!- (Spinefarm/Universal Music)

Disarstar - Deutscher Oktober (Warner Music)

Diverse - The 90s - My Greatest Hits Vol. 3 (Pink Revolver/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Best Of 2021 - Frühling/Sommer (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - D.Trance 93 (DJs Present/Indigo/375 Media)

Diverse - Hardstyle Workout 2021.1 - More Bass, More Power (Pink Revolver/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Ich find Schlager toll - Frühjahr/Sommer 2021 (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Die offiziellen deutschen Party & Schlager Charts Vol. 15 (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - Psy Trance Classics - Rave Vol. 1 (Pink Revolver/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Simply 90s - Greatest Hits Of The 90ies (Selected/Alive)

Diverse - Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel - Das Beste (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Zyx Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 18 (Zyx Music/Zyx)

DJ Muggs The Black Goat - Dies Occidendum (Sacred Bones/Cargo/375 Media)

Die drei ??? - 209: Kreaturen der Nacht (Europa/Sony Music)

Dzihan & Kamien - IV (Couch Records/Alive)

Eisbrecher - Liebe macht Monster (RCA Deutschland/Sony Music)

Enforced - Kill Grip (Century Media/Sony Music)

Eyehategod - A History Of Nomadic Behavior (Century Media/Sony Music)

Florian Fesl - Romeo (Telamo/Warner Music)

Selena Gomez - Revelación (EP) (Universal Music)

Gossenboss mit Zett - No Future (recordJet/Edel)

Gotts Street Park - Volume Two (Blue Flowers/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Tom Grennan - Evering Road (RCA International/Sony Music)

Hanni und Nanni - 069: Süße Versuchung für Hanni und Nanni (Europa/Sony Music)

Heart Healer - The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Gary Hughes - Decades (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Gary Hughes - Waterside (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

HVOB - Live In London (Tragen Records/Rough Trade)

Issa - Queen Of Broken Hearts (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Juju - Live At 131 Prince Street (Reissue) (Strut/Indigo/375 Media)

Valerie June - The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers (Fantasy Records/Concord Records/Universal Music)

Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter - Anticipation (American Dreams Records/Bertus)

Eero Koivistoinen - Jappa - The Complete Jazz At The Polytechnicum 1967-1968 (Svart Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Eero Koivistoinen - Original Sin (Svart Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Die Kombinaten - Lautwort (Supermusic/Alive)

Kombynat Robotron - 270 (Tonzonen Records/Soulfood)

Johannes Tonio Kreusch - Plays (GLM Music/Edel)

Kunz - Mai (Universal Music)

Lake Street Dive - Obviously (Nonesuch/Warner Music)

Charles Lloyd & The Marvels - Tone Poem (Blue Note/Universal Music)

Joyner Lucas - Evolution (Twenty Nine Music/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Lydmor - Capacity (HFN Music/Rough Trade)

Majoe X Silva - Lockdown (Banger Musik/Warner Music)

Marianas Rest - Fata Morgana (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Ernst Molden & Der Nino aus Wien - Zirkus (Bader Molden Recordings/Rough Trade)

Israel Nash - Topaz (Loose Music/Rough Trade)

Víkingur Ólafsson - Reflections (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Orden Ogan - Final Days (AFM Records/Soulfood)

The Paper Kites - Roses (Nettwerk/ADA/Warner Music)

Pet Needs - Fractured Party Music (Xtra Mile/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Ina Regen - Rot (Ariola/Sony Music)

Rhabstallion - Back In The Saddle (GoldenCore Records/Zyx)

Logan Richardson - Afrofuturism (Whirlwind/Indigo/375 Media)

Saga - Symmetry (earMusic/Edel)

Myles Sanko - Memories Of Love (Légere Recordings/Broken Silence)

Secret Sphere - Lifeblood (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Selig - Myriaden (Vertigo Berlin/Universal Music)

Corinna Simon - Piano For Kids II (Son Classical/Sony Music)

Nancy Sinatra - Start Walkin' 1965-1976 (Light In The Attic/Cargo/375 Media)

Omar Sosa - An East African Journey (OTA Records/Skip Records/Soulfood)

Stereoact - #Schlager (Electrola/Universal Music)

Suburban Savages - Demagogue Days (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Sunstorm - Afterlife (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Teufelskicker - 088: Ei! Ei! Eigentor (Europa/Sony Music)

Thunder - All The Right Noises (BMG/Warner Music)

Thunder Horse - Chosen One (Ripple/Bertus)

Trio Elf - Fram (enja & yellowbird records/Edel)

Turbulence - Frontal (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Utbyrd - Varskirk (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Varmia - Bal Lada (M-Theory/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

White Void - Anti (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Sonya Yoncheva - Rebirth (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Rob Zombie - The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)


11. Woche


24/7 Diva Heaven - Stress (Noisolution/Soulfood)

A-X-Amun - Origin (Danse Macabre/Alive)

Ryan Adams - Wednesdays (Paxam Recording Company/Rough Trade) (*)

Ziggy Alberts - Searching For Freedom (Commonfolk/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Jay Alexander & Kathy Kelly - Unter einem Himmel (Just One Sky) (Telamo/Warner Music)

Clifton Anderson - Been Down This Road Before (Ropeadope/Groove Attack)

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - All You Need Is Love (XX Anniversary Edition) (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett - Her (Soundtrack) (Milan Records/Sony Music)

Asesino - Cristo Satanico (Listenable Records/Edel)

Michel Banabila - Wah-Wah Whispers (Bureau B/Indigo/375 Media)

Mike Barnett - +1 (Compass/Bertus)

Nik Bärtsch - Entendre (ECM Records/Universal Music)

Jon Batiste - We Are (Verve/Universal Music)

Hanna Batka - Mitten in Berlin (BMG/Warner Music)

Bell Orchestre - House Music (Erased Tapes/Indigo/375 Media)

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - Tea Party Revenge Porn (Alternative Tentacles/Cargo/375 Media)

Andrea Bignasca - Keep Me From Drowning (Radicalis/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Black Honey - Written & Directed (Foxfive Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

The Blue Stones - Hidden Gems (Dualtone Records/SPV)

Boise Cover Band - Unoriginal Artists (Ernest Jenning/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Carrera - Carrera (Subway Records/Cargo/375 Media)

City Champs - Luna '68 (Big Legal Mess/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Lloyd Cole - Antidepressant (Reissue) (earMusic/Edel)

Harry Connick Jr. - Alone With My Faith (Verve/Universal Music)

Chris Cornell - No One Sings Like You Anymore (Interscope/Universal Music)

Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Polydor/Universal Music)

Diverse - Dein Song 2021 (Nitron Concepts/Sony Music)

Diverse - The Dome Vol. 97 (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Kraut Jazz Futurism 2 (Kryptox/Indigo/375 Media)

Diverse - Schlager für alle - Die Neue: Frühjahr/Sommer 2021 (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - Techno Club Vol. 61 (Zyx Music/Zyx)

William Doyle - Great Spans Of Muddy Time (Tough Love/Cargo/375 Media)

Die drei !!! - 072: Kuss der Meerjungfrau (Europa/Sony Music)

Die drei ??? Kids - 081: Turbo-Rennen (Europa/Sony Music)

Dvne - Etemen Ænka (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Steve Earle & The Dukes - J.T. (New West Records/PIAS/Rough Trade) (*)

Ego Kill Talent - The Dance Between Extremes (BMG/Warner Music)

Electric Jalaba - El Hal / The Feeling (Strut Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Enforcer - Life By Fire II (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Thomas Enhco & Vassilena Serafimova - Bach Mirror (Materworks/Sony Music)

Erra - Erra (UNFD/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Andrew Farriss - Andrew Farriss (BMG/Warner Music)

Fünf Freunde - 141: ... und das rätselhafte Spukhaus (Europa/Sony Music)

Gentleman's Dub Club - Down To Earth (Easy Star/Proper/Bertus)

Godsend - In The Electric Mist (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Grundhass - Wenig los (Dackelton Records/Broken Silence)

Jamule - Sold (Life Is Pain/Universal Music)

Jay-Jay Johanson - Rorschach Test (29 Music/Groove Attack)

Lucas & Arthur Jussen - The Russian Album (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal)

Bernd Kaftan - Rooms & Paces (Jazzsick/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Maite Kelly - Hello! (Electrola/Universal Music)

Robert Keßler Trio - Bloodline (GLM Music/Edel)

Landmvrks - Lost In The Waves (Arising Empire/Edel)

LMX - CTRL+S (Meshwork Music/Alive)

Loretta Lynn - Still Woman Enough (Legacy/Sony Music)

Billy Lockett - Reflections EP (Billy Lochett/Rough Trade)

Alice Phoebe Lou - Glow (Motor Entertainment/Edel)

Magna Mortalis - Procreation Of The Plague (Kernkraftritter Records/Alive)

Austin Meade - Black Sheep (Snakefarm Records/Spinefarm/Universal Music)

Middle Kids - Today We're The Greatest (Lucky Number/Rough Trade)

Mint Juleb - In A Deeep And Dreamless Sleep (Western Vinyl/Cargo/375 Media)

Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Ding Dong. You're Dead. (Rune Grammophon/Cargo/375 Media)

Wes Montgomery - The NDR Hamburg Studio Recordings (Jazzline/Broken Silence)

Necrotted - Operation: Mental Castration (Reaper Entertainment Europe/Universal Music)

New Age Steppers - Stepping Into The New Age 1980-2012 (Box Set) (On-U Sound/Rough Trade)

Georg Nussbaumer & Band - Did Anybody Say It Would Be Easy (Loebe-Records/Alive)

Otzeki - Now Is A Long Time (Akira/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Die P - 3,14 (365XX/PIAS Germany/Rough Trade)

Papa Roach - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 - The Better Noise Years (Better Noise Records/The Orchard/Sony Music)

Pierce With Arrow - Shatter (Dias/Cargo/375 Medsia)

Play69 - Babylon LL (Urban/Universal Music)

Nitin Sawhney - Immigrants (Masterworks/Sony Music)

Saxon - Inspirations (Silver Lining/Warner Music)

Die Schlagerpiloten - Lady Jamaika - Die schönsten Hits des Sommers (Telamo/Warner Music)

Janet Simpson - Safe Distance (Cornelius Chapel Records/Bertus)

Greg Skaff feat. Ron Carter & Albert "Tootie" Heath - Polaris (SMK Jazz/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

The Snuts - W.L. (Parlophone/Warner Music)

Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Paul Stanley's Soul Station - Now And Then (UMe/Universal Music)

Tommi Stumpff - Alles Idioten (Danse Macabre/Alive)

Sun Kil Moon - Welcome To Sparks, Nevada (Caldo Verde/Bertus)

Sylabil Spill - Okapi (Walk This Way Records/Chapter One/Universal Music)

Ringo Starr - Zoom In (Universal Music)

Sting - Duets (Interscope/Universal Music)

Stormwitch - Eye Of The Storm (MDD/Alive)

TAB Collective - Back In Town (Herzog Records/Soulfood)

Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections (Awesome Tapes From Africa/Cargo/375 Media) (*)

Devin Townsend - Devolution Series #1 - Acoustically Inclinded, Live In Leeds (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

U.D.O. - Live In Bulgaria 2020 - Pandemic Survival Show (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Chad Vangaalen - World's Most Stressed Out Gardener (Sub Pop/Cargo/375 Media)

Morgan Wade - Reckless (Ladylike/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

A.A. Williams - Songs From Isolation (Bella Union/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Doyle Williams - Great Spans Of Muddy Time (Tough Love/Cargo/375 Media)

Wisborg - Into The Void (Danse Macabre/Alive)


12. Woche


1782 - From The Graveyard (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

24kGoldn - El Dorado (Columbia/Sony Music)

Chantal Acda - Saturday Moon (Glitterhouse/Indigo/375 Media)

G.G. Anderson - Das Beste (Telamo/Warner Music)

The Antlers - Green To Gold (Transgressive/PIAS/Rough Trade)

As Everything Unfolds - Within Each Lies The Other (Long Branch Records/SPV)

Aziola Cry - The Ironic Divide (Sensory Records/Alive)

Gerry Beckley - Keeping The Light On: The Best Of Gerry Beckley (Blue Elan Records/Rough Trade)

Budderside - Spiritual Violence (Silver Lining/Warner Music)

Burn Down Eden - Burn Down Eden (Kernkraftritter Records/Alive)

Cabaret Voltaire - Dekadrone (Mute/Rough Trade)

Citizen - Life In Your Glass World (Run For Cover/Cargo/375 Media)

Alban Claudin - It's A Long Way To Happiness (Masterworks/Sony Music)

Crazy Arm - Dark Hands, Thunderbolt (Xtra Mile/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Cryptosis - Bionic Swarm (Century Media/Sony Music)

Culcha Candela - Top Ten (Culcha Sound/Sony Music)

D.Gee Mono - A Little Less Fire (Vitamin Gee/Rough Trade)

dArtagnan - Feuer & Flamme (Nitron/Sony Music)

Death From Above 1979 - Is 4 Lovers (Universal Music)

Brigitte DeMeyer - Seeker (BDM Music/Bertus)

Diverse - Dance 50 Vol. 4 (Zyx Music/Zyx)

Diverse - Dream Dance - Best Of 25 Years (Nitron Media/Sony Music)

Diverse - Edo Funk Explosion Vol. 1 (Analog Africa/Groove Attack)

Diverse - Shake The Foundations - Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984 (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Dntel - The Seas Trees See (Morr/Indigo/375 Media)

Dodie - Build A Problem (Doddleoddle/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Ed Dowie - The Obvious I (Needle Mythology/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Die drei ??? Kids - 081: Turbo-Rennen (Sony Music)

The Dust Coda - Mojo Skyline (Earache/Edel)

Kurt Edelhagen & His Orchestra - 100 - The Unreleased WDR Jazz Recordings (Jazzline/Broken Silence)

Pablo Ferrández - Reflections (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Eko Fresh - Abi (German Dream Empire/Sony Music)

El Michels Affair - Yeti Season (Big Crown Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Nego Erez - Kids (City Slang/Rough Trade)

Evanescence - The Bitter Truth (Columbia/Sony Music)

Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders/London Symphony Ochestra - Promises (Luaka Pop/Indigo/375 Media)

Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon (Relapse/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Grauzone - Grauzone (40 Years Anniversary Edition) (WRWTFWW Records/Alive)

Hearts Hearts - Love Club Members (Sony Music)

David Helbock - The New Cool (ACT Music/Edel)

The Hirsch Effekt - Gregaer (EP) (Long Branch Records/SPV)

Andy Horace - Broken Beats 2 (Echo Beach/Indigo/375 Media)

Hound - I Know My Enemies (Metalville/Rough Trade)

Ben Howard - Collections From The Whiteout (Island/Universal Music)

Nicole Heartseeker & Mulo Francel - Forever Young (GLM Music/Edel)

Imperia - The Last Horizon (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

Jalil - Reset (Swish/Gold League/Sony Music)

Jazzrausch Bigband - Téchne (ACT Music/Edel)

Kadaver - The Isolation Tapes (Premium Edition) (Roboter Records/Rough Trade)

Kärbholz - Kontra. (Metalville/Rough Trade)

Maria Keck/Thomas Pacnik - Ex Auro (Narrator/Broken Silence)

Mira Lu Kovacs - What Else Can Break (Play Dead Records/Rough Trade)

L'Impératrice - Tako Tsubo (Microqlima/Cargo/375 Media)

Lamb Of God - Lamb Of God Live In Richmond, VA (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Laughing Stock - Zero, Acts 1 & 2 (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Christian Liljegren - Melodic Passion (Sound Pollution/Melodic Passion/Rough Trade)

Liquid Tension Experiment - LTE3 (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Vanessa Mai - Mai Tai (Ariola/Sony Music)

Manntra - Monster Mind Consuming (NoCut/SPV)

Manslaughter 777 - World Vision Perfect Harmony (Thrill Jockey/Indigo/375 Media)

Roc Marciano - Mt.Marci (Fat Beats/Groove Attack)

Manfred Maurenbrecher - Live At Rockpalast 1985 (M.I.G. Music/Indigo/375 Media)

Memoriam - To The End (Reaper Entertainment Europe/Universal Music)

Metalite - A Virtual World (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Black Stabat Mater (Rune Grammofon/Cargo/375 Media)

John Morales - John Morales presents Teena Maria - Love Songs (BBE/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

The Mountain Goats - Songs For Pierre Chuvin (Merge/Cargo/375 Media) (*)

Never Not Nothing - Art Ritual 001 (Columbia/Sony Music)

New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers . Volume 2 (Stony Plain/Alive)

Niedeckens BAP - Alles fliesst (Geburtstagsedition) (Vertigo Berlin/Universal Music)

Paris - 50 / 50 (AOR Heaven/Soulfood)

Pelemele - Der Wecker (Seven.One Starwatch/Groove Attack)

Primitai - Violence Of The Skies (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records/Soulfood)

Pudeldame - Kinder ohne Freunde (Bauturm/Tonpool)

Purtenance - Member of The Immortal Damnation (MDD/Alive)

Suzi Quatro - The Devil In Me (Steamhammer/SPV)

The Quill - Earthrise (Metalville/Rough Trade)

Marc Reece - Dreamer (Lucky Bob Records/Soulfood)

Renée Reed - Renée Reed (Keeled Scales/Cargo/375 Media)

Roof Down - The Devil's Machine (GMR Music Group/Soulfood)

Esther Rose - How Many Times (Full Time Hobby/Rough Trade)

Saint Agnes - Vampire (Death Or Glory Gang/Rough Trade)

Samra - Rohdiamant (Urban/Universal Music)

Sanguisugabogg - Tortured Whole (Century Media/Sony Music)

Schreng Schreng & La La - Projekt 82 (Rookie/Indigo/375 Media)

Septagon - We Only Die Once (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

Serpentwithfeet - Deacon (Secretly Canadian/Cargo/375 Media)

Silent Winter - Empire Of Sins (Pride & Joy Music)

STR4TA - Aspects (Brownswood/Rough Trade)

Joe Strummer - Assembly (Dark Horse Records/BMG/Warner Music)

Ian Sweet - Show Me How You Disappear (Polyvinyl/Rough Trade)

Julien Tassin - Moondancer (Igloo/Broken Silence)

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - There's Pretty Things In Palookaville ... (Hound Gawd! Records/Rough Trade)

Tomahawk - Tonic Immobility (Ipecac/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Tortusa - Bre (Jazzland/Edel)

Trio Elf - Fram (enja & yellowbird records/Edel)

Sara Watkins - Under The Pepper Tree (New West Records/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Wheel - Resident Human (OMN Label Services/Rough Trade)

Winding Road - Winding Road (AOR Heaven/Soulfood)

Xiu Xiu - Oh No (Polyvinyl/Rough Trade)

Yagow - The Mess (Crazysane Records/Broken Silence)

Neil Young - Young Shakespeare (Reprise Records/Warner Music)


13. Woche


Antonis Antoniou - Kkismettin (Ajabu!/Broken Silence)

Gary Bartz/Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Jazz Is Dead 006 (Jazz Is Dead/Indigo/375 Media)

Cha Wa - My People (Single Lock Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Florian Christl - Live (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Stefano Di Battista - Morricone Stories (Warner Music)

Diverse - TechnoBase.FM Vol. 30 (Zyx Music/ZYX)

Earthless - Live In The Mojave Desert Vol. 1 (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

Evil Drive - Demons Within (Reaper Entertainment Europe/Universal Music)

La Femme - Paradigmes (Disque Pointu/Cargo/375 Media)

Bryan Ferry - Royal Albert Hall 2020

Flock Of Dimes - Head Of Roses (Sub Pop/Cargo/375 Media)

Fourty - Afterhour (Universal Music)

Elizabeth King - Living In The Last Days (Bible & Tire Recording Company/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Major Murphy - Access (Winspear/Cargo/375 Media)

Katja Moslehner - Am Weltenrand (Swantje Records/Tonpool)

Poker - Red Neck Roller (GoldenCore Records/ZYX)

Signum Saxophone Quartet - Echoes (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Joao Selva - Navegar (Underdog Records/Broken Silence)

Philippe C. Solal & Mike Lindsay - Outsider (Believe Digital/Soulfood)

Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin' Grass Vol. 2 (Cowboy Arms Sessions) (High Top Mountain/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Truck Stop - Liebe, Lust & Laster (Telamo/Warner Music)

Luca Yupanqui - Sounds Of The Unborn (Sacred Bones/Cargo/375 Media)

Zombiez - Zatan lebt! (Walk This Way Records/Chapter One/Universal Music)


14. Woche


Ali471 - Ali (Ali471/Epic/Sony Music)

Antiheld - Disturbia (Arising Empire/Edel)

Arion - Vultures Die Alone (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Balmorhea - The Wind (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Blips - Blips (Cornelius Chapel Records/Bertus)

Françoiz Breut - Flux Flou De La Foule (Le Pop Musik/Groove Attack)

Cabaret Voltaire - BN9Drone (Mute/Rough Trade)

Cheap Trick - In Another World (BMG/Warner Music)

Robert Cotter - Missing You (Wewantsounds/Groove Attack)

Cro-Mags - 2020 (EP) (Arising Empire/Edel) (*)

Devil Sold His Soul - Loss (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Eydís Evensen - Bylur (XXIM Records/Sony Masterworks/Sony Music)

Thomas Fehlmann - Böser Herbst (Kompakt/Rough Trade)

Flyte - This Is Really Going To Hurt (Island/Universal Music)

The Fratellis - Half Drunk Under Full Moon (Essential Music/Cooking Vinyl/Sony Music)

Maite Kelly - Hello! (Electrola/Universal Music)

Goldie - Timeless (25 Year Anniversary Edition) (London Recordings/Alive)

London Grammar - Californian Soil (Island/Universal Music)

Marathonmann - Alles auf null (Redfield Records)

Massen - ContrAesthetic (Apostasy Records/Alive)

Albrecht Mayer - Mozart: Works For Oboe And Orchestra (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Parker Millsap - Be Here Instead (Okrahoma Records/Thirty Tigers/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Motorjesus - Hellbreaker (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Mountain Tamer - Live In The Mojave Desert Vol. 5 (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

Nebula - Live In The Mojave Desert Vol. 2 (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

The Orb - Abolition Of The Royal Familia - Guillotine Mixes (Cooking Vinyl/Sony Music)

Orions Belte - Villa Amorini (Jansen/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Gretchen Parlato - Flor (Edition Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

The Pink Stones - Introducing ... The Pink Stones (New West Records/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Clemens Christian Poetzsch - The Soul Of Things (Neue Meister/Edel)

The Reds, Pinks And Purples - Uncommon Weather (Tough Love/Cargo/375 Media)

Raf Rundell - O.M.Days (Heavenly Recordings/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Martin Stadtfeld - Piano Songbook (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Sunrise Avenue - Live With Wonderland Orchestra (Universal Music)

Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Tasavallan Presidentti - Changing Times And Movement (Svart Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

TKKG - 218: Schutzgeld für Dämonen (Sony Music)

Nick Waterhouse - Promenade Blue (Innovative Leisure/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley - Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection (Spacebomb/Cargo/375 Media)

Amanda Whiting - After Dark (Jazzman/Groove Attack)

Wolfchant - Omega : Bestia (Reaper Entertainment Europe/Universal Music)

Giovanni Zarrella - Ciao! (221 Music/Telamo/Warner Music)


15. Woche


Amigo The Devil - Born Against (Regime Music Group/Rough Trade)

Animus - Beastmode 4 (ersguterjunge)

Bend The Future - Without Notice (Tonzonen Records/Soulfood)

Bewitcher - Cursed By Thy Kingdom (Century Media/Sony Music)

The Brother Brothers - Calla Lily (Compass/Bertus)

Helge Burggrabe - Human (Neue Meister/Edel)

Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Eric Church - Heart (Capitol/Universal Music)

Ray Cooper - Land Of Heroes (Westpark/Indigo/375 Media)

D Smoke - Black Habits (Empire/Alive)

Deine Lakaien - Dual (Chrom Records/Rough Trade)

Diverse - One Night In Miami ... (Soundtrack) (Universal Music)

Endseeker - Mount Carcass (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Escape The Fate - Chemical Warfare (Better Noise Records/Sony Music)

Friedemann - In der Gegenwart der Vergangenheit (Exile On Mainstream/Cargo/375 Media)

Ganes - Or Brüm (Capriola/Sony Music)

Georg Auf Lieder - Georg Auf Lieder (Am Anfang Angekommen/Rough Trade)

Greta Van Fleet - The Battle At Garden's Gate (Republic/Universal Music)

Holding Absence - The Greatest Mistake Of My Life (Sharptone Records/Rough Trade)

Icon Of Sin - Icon Of Sin (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Joris - Willkommen Goodbye (Four Music/Sony Music)

Kasimir1441 - Eya (Bis Es Klappt Records/Chapter One/Universal Music)

Mark Lettieri - Deep: The Baritone Sessions Vol. 2 (Leopard/Broken Silence)

Low Island - If You Could Have It All Again (Emotional Interference)

Holly Macve - Not The Girl (Modern Sky/Rough Trade)

Mädness - Mäd Löve (Madness/Groove Attack)

OG Keemo - Mann beisst Hund (Chimperator Productions)

Der Plan - Save Your Software (Bureau B/Indigo/375 Media)

Schloss - Ready For The Show (Reissue) (GoldenCore Records/ZYX)

Scooter - God Save The Rave (Sheffield Tunes/Edel)

Shadowspawn - The Biology Of Disbelief (Target Records/SPV)

Sounds Of New Soma - Trip (Tonzonen Records/Soulfood)

Spirit Mother - Live In The Mojave Desert Vol. 3 (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

Stoner - Live In The Mojave Desert Vol. 4 (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

Suffocate For Fuck Sake - Fyra (Moment Of Collapse Records/Broken Silence)

Tample - Glory (Yotanka Productions/Broken Silence)

The Tremolo Beer Gut - You Can't Handle ... (Crunchy Frog/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Lucinda Williams - Runnin' Down A Dream: A Tribute To Tom Petty (Highway 20 Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Ben Zucker - Jetzt erst recht! (Airforce1/Universal Music)


*bereits digital veröffentlicht