Nichts verpassen - Die VÖ-Schwerpunkte der nächsten Wochen (2020)

MusikWoche präsentiert regelmäßig eine Übersicht über ausgewählte Longplay-Schwerpunkte der nächsten Wochen und Monate.

26.10.2020 08:45 • von Norbert Schiegl
Am 13. November erscheint "Auf EX!", das erste neue Album von Extrabreit seit zwölf Jahen (Bild: Premium Records)

MusikWoche präsentiert regelmäßig eine nach Kalenderwochen geordnete Übersicht über ausgewählte Longplay-Schwerpunkte der nächsten Wochen und Monate.


44. Woche


Andersens - There Is A Sound (Morr/Indigo/375 Media)

Antzaat - For You Men Who Gaze Into The Sun (Season Of Mist/Soulfood)

Audn - Vökudraumsins Fangi (Season Of Mist/Soulfood)

Atmosphere - The Day Before Halloween (Rhymesayers Entertainment/Cargo/375 Media)

Autopsy - Live In Chicago (Peaceville/Edel)

Azad - Goat (Bozz Music/Groove Attack)

Rebekka Bakken - Winter Nights (OKeh/Sony Music)

Daniel Barenboim - Ludwig van Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas - Diabelli Variations (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Inka Bause - Lebenslieder (Songshine Music/Universal Music)

Andrew Bird - Hark! (Concord Records/Universal Music)

Black Foxxes - Black Foxxes (Spinefarm Records/Universal Music)

Black Stone Cherry - The Human Condition (Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group/Rough Trade)

Black To Comm - Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens (Thrill Jockey/Indigo/375 Media)

Peter Broderick - Blackberry (Erased Tapes/Indigo/375 Media)

Till Brönner & Bob James - On Vacation (Masterworks/Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Ane Brun - After The Great Storm (Balloon Ranger/Cargo/375 Media)

Geezer Butler - Black Sience (Reissue) (Sanctuary/BMG/Warner Music)

Geezer Butler - Ohmwork (Reissue) (Sanctuary/BMG/Warner Music)

Geezer Butler - Plastic Planet (Reissue) (Sanctuary/BMG/Warner Music)

Cam - The Otherside (Sony Music)

CamelPhat - Dark Matter (RCA International/Sony Music)

Carcass - Despicable (EP) (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Chase & Status - Fabric presents: Chase & Status RTRN II Fabric (Fabric/Rough Trade)

Patrick Cornelius - Acadia: Way Of The Cairns (Whirlwind/Indigo/375 Media)

Elvis Costello - Hey Clockface (Concord Records/Universal Music)

Curbs - To Big To Fail (Konkord/Cargo/375 Media)

Dead Head - Kill Division (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Dead Sleep - Naked Tyrant (Sound Pollution/Denomination Records/Rough Trade)

Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion - The 12" Singles (Sony Music Catalog/Sony Music)

Diverse - Best Of Black Sabbath (Redux) (Magnetic Eye Records/Alive)

Diverse - Christmas Rockparty (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

Diverse - Enrico Ostendorf - In The Mix Vol. 17 (Nostrum/Cargo/375 Media)

Diverse - House 90ies Vol. 2 - Biggest House Hits Of The 90s (Selected/Alive)

Diverse - Kölsch & jot - Top Jeck 2021 (SpektaColonia/Alive)

Diverse - RTL Hits 2020 (Sony Music)

Diverse - Schlager 2020 - Die Hits des Jahres (PolyStar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Schlager für Alle - Weihnachten (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - Soul Togetherness 2020 (Expansion/Rough Trade)

Draconian - Under A Godless Veil (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

George Duke - Faces In Reflection (MPS/Edel)

George Duke - Feel (Reissue) (MPS/Edel)

Van Duren - Idiot Optimism (Omnivore/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Echo Collective - The See Within (7K!/Indigo/375 Media)

Alexander Eder - Schlagzeilen (Electrola/Universal Music)

Eels - Earth To Dora (E-Works/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Engst - Schöne neue Welt (Arising Empire/Edel)

Evildead - United $tate$ Of Anarchy (Steamhammer/SPV)

The Flower Kings - Islands (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Max Giesinger - Laufen lernen (Für immer Version) (Reissue) (Motor Music/Edel)

The Goo Goo Dolls - It's Christmas All Over (Warner Bros. Records/Warner Music)

Grafvitnir - Death's Wings Widespread (Sound Pollution/Carnal Records/Rough Trade)

Grateful Dead - American Beauty (50th Anniversary Edition) (Rhino/Warner Music)

(Hed) P.E. - Class Of 2020 (Regime Music Group/Rough Trade)

Happy - Imposter Syndrome (Rude Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Haunt - Flashback (High Roller Records/Soulfood)

Hauser - Classic (Deluxe Edition) (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Hava - Weiss (Imperium Music/Sony Music)

Heshoo Beshoo Group - Armitage Road (We Are Busy Bodies/Bertus)

Hansi Hinterseer - Weihnachten miteinander (Telamo/Warner Music)

Beth Hirsch - L.I.F.E. 2.0 (Last Man Music/Indigo/375 Media)

Holy Sons - Raw And Disfigured (Thrill Jockey/Indigo/375 Media)

Hypnos - The Blackcrow (Einheit Produktionen/Alive)

Ice Nine Kills - I Heard They Kill Live (Fearless Records/Spinefarm/Universal Music)

Imperium - Heaven Or Hell (AOR Heaven/Soulfood)

Insidious Disease - After Death (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Keith Jarrett - Budapest Concert (ECM Records/Universal Music)

Harry Jay-Steele - Boundaries (Naim/Indigo/375 Media)

Louis Jucker - Something Went Wrong (Hummus/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Nik Kershaw - Oxymoron (Audio Network/Rough Trade)

Khaima - Owing To The Influence (Barhill Records/Cargo/375 Media)

King Diamond - The Dark Sides EP (Metal Blade Records/Soulfood)

Christian Kjellvander - About Love And Loving Again (Tapete Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Nils Landgren - Christmas With My Friends VII (ACT Music/Edel)

Jarrod Lawson - Be The Change (Dome/Bertus)

Hamilton Leithauser - Live! @ Café Carlyle (Glassnote/Rough Trade)

Léon - Apart (BMG/Warner Music)

Lester - Die Beste aller Zeiten (Loud Media/Warner Music)

Lovelytheband - Conversations With Myself About You (Another Century/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Lunchbox - After School Special (Slumberland/Bertus)

Amy Macdonald - The Human Demands (BMG/Warner Music)

Matija - Byebyeskiesofyesterday (Clouds Hill/Warner Music)

Mel - Melodien (Sony Music)

Artur Menezes - Fading Away (Vizztone/Bertus)

Mammút - Ride The Fire (Karkari Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Janne Mark/Arve Henriksen - Kontinent (ACT Music/Edel)

Monika Martin - Ganz still (Telamo/Warner Music)

Midnight Oil - The Makarrata Project (Sony Music Catalog/Sony Music)

Joni Mitchell - Archives Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967) (Rhino/Warner Music)

Mors Subita - Extinction Era (Out Of Line Music/Rough Trade)

Das Mörtal - Miami Beach Witches (Lisbon Lux Records/Groove Attack)

Motörhead - Ace Of Spades (40th Anniversary Edition) (Santuary/BMG/Warner Music)

Mourn - Self Worth (Captured Tracks/Cardo/375 Media)

Mr. Bungle - The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo (IPECAC/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Melissa Naschenweng - LederHosenRock (Ariola/Sony Music)

Rob Moratti - Paragon (AOR Heaven/Soulfood)

Mr. Bungle - The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo (Ipecac/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Mythos - Berliner Schule Sequencing (Pilz/Cargo/375 Media)

Neffex - New Beginnings (ADA/Warner Music)

Nesrine - Nesrine (ACT Music/Edel)

Ngee - Straßenapotheker (Epic/Sony Music)

Stevie Nicks - Live In Concert - The 24 Karat Gold Tour (BMG/Warner Music)

Nine Below Zero - Live At Rockpalast 1981 & 1996 (MIG/Indigo/375 Media)

Niviane - The Ruthless Divine (Pure Steel Records/Soulfood)

No Life On Earth - Into Fire We Burn (Blood Blast Distribution)

Nonlocal Forecast - Holographic Universe(s?)! (Hausu Mountain/Bertus)

Nothing - The Great Dismal (Relapse/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Ohrenfeindt - Das Geld liegt auf der Straße (Metalville/Rough Trade)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (Warp/Rough Trade)

P.A.Hülsenbeck/Michael Schönheit - Reaping From The Conflux (Altin Village & Mine/Indigo/375 Media)

Pantera - Reinventing The Steel (20th Anniversary Edition) (Rhino/Warner Music)

Joseph Parsons - At Mercy's Edge (Blue Rose/Heckmann/Soulfood)

Petit Biscuit - Parachute (Believe Digital/Soulfood)

John Petrucci - Terminal Velocity (Sound Mind Music/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

The Pogues - The BBC Sessions 1984-1986 (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

Greg Puciato - Child Soldier: Creator Of God (Federal Prism/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Pynkie - #37 (House Arrest/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Quadro Nuevo - Mare (GLM Music/Edel)

Dizzee Rascal - E3 AF (Dirtee Stank Recording/Island/Universal Music)

Cliff Richard - Music ... The Air That I Breathe (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

Marianne Rosenberg - Regenbogenwelt (100% Rosenberg) (Sony Music Catalog/Sony Music)

Rozalén - El Arbol Y El Bosque (Sony Music Latin/Sony Music)

Runrig - One Legend - Two Concerts - Live At Rockpalast 1996 & 2001 (MIG Music/Indigo/375 Media)

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full (Sacred Bones/Cargo/375 Media)

Helge Schneider - Es rappelt im Karton (Reissue) (Roof Records/Rough Trade)

SDI - Sign Of The Wicked (Remaster 2020) (MDD/Alive)

Shalosh - Broken Balance (ACT Music/Edel)

Sam Smith - Love Goes (Capitol/Universal Music)

Silbermond - Schritte Extended & Live In Berlin (Verschwende Deine Zeit/Sony Music)

Smokescreen - A Strange Dream (Slumberland/Bertus)

Stälker - Black Majik Terror (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Juanita Stein - Snapshot (Nude/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

The Style Council - Long Hot Summers: The Story Of The Style Council (Polydor/Universal Music)

Suuns - Fiction EP (Joyful Noise/Cargo/375 Media)

Them - Return To Hemmersmoor (Steamhammer/SPV)

Meghan Trainor - A Very Trainor Christmas (Epic/Sony Music)

Trees Speak - Shadow Forms (Soul Jazz/Indigo/375 Media)

Trust - The Helm Of Awe (Pure Steel Records/Soulfood)

Tanya Tucker - Live From The Troubadour (Fantasy Records/Universal Music)

U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind (20th Anniversary Edition) (Island/Universal Music)

Uriah Heep - 50 Years In Rock (Deluxe Box) (BMG/Warner Music)

Jimmie Vaughan - Pleasure All Mine (The Last Music Company/Proper/Bertus)

Visions Of Atlantis - A Symphonic Journey To Remember (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Billy Walton Band - Dark Hour (Harmonized Records/Redeye/Bertus)

Jim White - Misfit's Jubilee (Loose Music/Rough Trade)

The Who - Who (Deluxe Edition) (Polydor/Universal Music)

Wildness - Ultimate Demise (AOR Heaven/Soulfood)

Wobbler - Dwellers Of The Deep (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Frank Woeste - Pocket Rhapsody II (ACT Music/Edel)

Yawning Man - Live At Giant Rock (Heavy Psych Sounds/Cargo/375 Media)

Yes - The Royal Affair Tour - Live In Las Vegas (BMG/Warner Music)

Your Life On Hold - Echoes From The Bardo (SolarLodge/Alive)

Zuckerblitz Band - Achtung Kokosnuss! (Karussell/Universal Music)


45. Woche


Adulkt Life - Book Of Curses (What's Your Rupture/Rough Trade)

Pablo Alborán - Vertigo (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

All Diese Gewalt - Andere (Glitterhouse/Indigo/375 Media)

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky 2.0 (EP) (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Angelica - All I Am (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Ross Antony - Lass es glitzern - Weihnachten mit Ross (Telamo/Warner Music)

Apre - Always In My Head (EP) (Polydor/Universal Music)

Olafur Arnalds - Some Kind Of Peace (Mercury Classics/Universal Music)

Kristofer Aström - Hard Times (Startracks/Indigo/375 Media)

Ataraxia (A.K.A. Mort Garson) - The Unexplained (Reissue) (Sacred Bones/Cargo/375 Media)

Dame Shirley Bassey - I Owe It All To You (Decca Records/Universal Music)

Reb Beach - A View From The Inside (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Belphegor - Necrodaemon Terrorsathan (Reissue) (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Bettman - Alle kommen frei ... (Allzeit Musik/iMusician)

Bibi & Tina - Folge 99: Die Holzdiebe (Kiddinx)

Jesper Binzer - Save Your Soul (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

Bitch Falcon - Staring At Clocks (Small Pond Records/Rough Trade)

The Black Dog - Fragments (Dust Science/Rough Trade)

David Bowie - Metrobolist (aka The Man Who Sold The World) (Parlophone Label Group/Warner Music)

British Sea Power - Open Season (15th Anniversary Edition) (Rough Trade/Beggars Group/Indigo/375 Media)

BRTHR - High Times For Loners (Backseat/Soulfood)

Dave Brubeck - Lullabies (Verve/Universal Music)

Gautier Capucon/Jerome Ducros - Emotions (Erato/Warner Music)

Victor Chukwu - Akalaka / The Power (Reissue) (BBE Afrika/Bertus)

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra - Agents Are Forever (Euroarts/Warner Music)

Dark Quarterer - Pompei (Cruz Del Sur Music SRL/Soulfood)

Déluge - Aego Templo (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Diverse - Austropop Schmankerl Weihnocht'n (Ariola/Sony Music)

Diverse - Club Sounds Vol. 94 (Nitron Music/Sony Music)

Diverse - The Craig Charles Trunk Of Funk Volume 1 (Soul Bank Music/Indigo/375 Media)

Diverse - From Brussels With Love (40th Anniversary Edition) (Les Disques Du Crepuscule/Indigo/375 Media)

Diverse - Future Trance 94 (Polystar/Universal Music)

Diverse - Global Underground #43: Joris Voorn - Rotterdam (Global Underground/Warner Music)

Diverse - Goa Rising 2021 (Pink Revolver/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Goldene Weihnachtshits (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - HardBase.FM Vol. 14 (ZYX Music/ZYX)

Diverse - Hardstyle Top 100 - Best Of 2020 (Cloud 9/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Kontor Top Of The Clubs - The Biggest Hits Of The Year MMXX (Kontor Records/Edel)

Diverse - RTL Hits 2020 (Sony Music Media/Sony Music)

Diverse - Techno - The Sound Of Berlin 2021 (Selected/Alive)

Diverse - Trance: The Vocal Session 2021 (ZYX Music/ZYX)

Eclipse - Viva La Victoria (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Eternal Idol - Renaissance (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Die Fantastischen Vier - MTV Unplugged II (Vinyl Reissue) (Rekord Music Publishing/Edel)

Fates Warning - Long Day Good Night (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Felt - Felt 4 U (Rhymesayers Entertainment/Cargo/375 Media)

Seamus Fogarty - A Bog Of Eyes (Domino Records/GoodToGo)

Forsaken Age - Heavy Metal Nightmare (Pure Steel Records/Soulfood)

JW Francis - We Share A Similar Joy (Sunday Best/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Garmarna - Förbundet (Season Of Mist/Soulfood)

Mort Garson - Didn't You Hear (Reissue) (Sacred Bones/Cargo/365 Media)

Mort Garson - Music From Patch Cord Productions (Reissue) (Sacred Bones/Cargo/365 Media)

Klaus Hoffmann - Septemberherz (stille-music/Indigo/375 Media)

Hulkoff - Pansarfolk (Faravid Recordings/Cargo/375 Media)

Imminence - Turn The Light On (Arising Empire/Edel)

Jaded Star - Realign (Noble Demon/Soulfood)

Timothy Jaromir - Hiraeth

Lauten Compagney - Time Zones (Harmonia Mundi/Sony Music)

Les Maries - Wir brauchen heute nicht mehr rauszugehen (Brilljant Sounds/Indigo/375 Media)

Little Mix - Confetti (RCA International/Sony Music)

Johnny Lloyd - Cheap Medication (Xtra Mile/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Lords Of Black - Alchemy Of Souls (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Loski - A Drill Story: Music, Trial & Trauma (Sony Music)

Lucifer (A.K.A. Mort Garson) - Black Mass (Reissue) (Sacred Bones/Cargo/375 Media)

Lykantropi - Tales To Be Told (Despotz Records/Rough Trade)

Ibrahim Maalouf - 40 Melodies (Mister I.B.E./Bertus)

Micha & Claudia - Du bist (IMU/Kontor New Media)

Kylie Minogue - Disco (BMG/Warner Music)

Mynth - Shades I Mynth (Assim Records/Rough Trade)

Cormac Neeson - White Feather (Social Family Records/Soulfood)

Neptune - Northern Steel (Sound Pollution/Melodic Passion/Rough Trade)

Novo Amor - Cannot Be, Whatsoever (Believe Digital/Soulfood)

Orianthi - O (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Pole - Fading (Mute/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Dirk Powell - When I Wait For You (Compass/Bertus)

Pup - This Place Sucks Ass (EP) (BMG/Warner Music)

Alexander Rier - Liebe (wird immer das Größte sein) - Das Beste (Telamo/Warner Music)

Ring Van Mobius - The Third Majesty (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Enrique Rodriguez & The Negra Chiway Band - Fase Liminal (Soul Jazz/Indigo/375 Media)

Sabrewulf - Mala Suerte (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Dino Saluzzi - Albores (ECM Records/Universal Music)

Sirens Of Lesbos - SOL (Sirens Of Lesbos/The Orchard)

Sólstafir - Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love (Season Of Mist/Soulfood)

Jeff Scott Soto - Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Surma - The Light Within (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Suzane - Toi Toi Toi (3EME Bureau/Wagram/Indigo/375 Media)

Svabhavat - Black Mirror Reflection (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Tangerine Dream - The Sessions III (Invisible Hands/Rough Trade)

Tarja - From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas - 2020 Edition) (earMusic/Edel)

Thelonious Monster - Oh That Monster (V2/Bertus)

Tina - Positive Mental Health Music (Speedy Wunderground/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Tomorrow X Together - Minisode 1: Blue Hour (Deluxe Boxset) (Big Hit Entertainment/Rough Trade)

Daniil Trifonov - Silver Age (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music)

Heather Trost - Petrichor (Third Man/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Tunng - Tunng presents ... Dead Club (Full Time Hobby/Rough Trade)

Urlaub in Polen - All (Tapete Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Wayne Graham - 1% Juice (K&F Records/Broken Silence)

Whispers In The Shadow - Yesterday Is Forever (SolarLodge/Alive)

Whitesnake - Love Songs (2020 Remix) (Rhino/Warner Music)

Wilco - Summerteeth (Deluxe Edition) (Rhino/Warner Music)

Wytch Hazel - III: Pentecost (Platic Head/Soulfood)

Yellowjackets + WDR Big Band - Jackets XL (Mack Avenue Records/in-akustik)

Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Return To Greendale (Reprise Records/Warner Music)

Young Culture - Young Culture (Equal Vision Records/Rude Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)


46. Woche


AC/DC - Power Up (Columbia/Sony Music)

Accuser - Accuser (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide (Rhymesayers Entertainment/Cargo/375 Media)

Amigos - Tausend Träume (Deluxe Edition) (Telamo/Warner Music)

Asesino - Cristo Satanico (Listenable Records/Edel)

Liam Bailey - Ekundayo (Big Crown Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Harpreet Bansal Band - Movements (Jazzland/Edel)

William Basinski - Lamentations (Temporary Residence/Cargo/375 Media)

The Bats - Foothills (Flying Nun/Cargo/375 Media)

George Benson - Weekend In London (Provogue/Mascot Label Group/Rough Trade)

Ivan Blomqvist - Nu Minns Jag (Jazzland/Edel)

Andrea Bocelli - Believe (Sugar/Decca Records/Universal Music)

The Bongolian - Harlem Hipshake (Blow Up Records/Cargo/375 media)

Borknagar - For The Elements (1996-2006) (MDD/Alive)

Pierre Boulez - Pierre Boulez Conducts Debussy (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Kjell Braaten - Ferd (By Norse Music/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Randall Bramblett - Pine Needle Fire (New West Records/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - We're The Bastards (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Johnny Cash And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Johnny Cash And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Legacy/Sony Music Catalog/Sony Music)

Causa Sui - Szabodelico (El Paraiso/Cargo/375 Media)

Sara Correia - Do Coracao (Wrasse Records/Harmonia Mundi)

The Cranberries - No Need To Argue (Reissue) (Island Records/UMC/Universal Music)

The Cribs - Night Network (Sonic Blew/PIAS/Rough Trade)

De-Phazz - Music To Unpack Your Christmas Present (Phazz-a-delic/Alive)

Death Dealer - Conquered Lands (Steel Cartel Records/Soulfood)

Deine Freunde - Das Weihnachtsalbum (Sturmfreie Bude/Universal Music)

Derek & The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (50th Anniversary Edition) (Polydor/Universal Music)

Diverse - Bernhard Brink präsentiert: Die Schlager Hitparade 2012 (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - D.Trance 92 (DJs Present/Indigo/375 Media)

Diverse - Fatboy Slim presents ... Back To Mine (Back To Mine/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground (Captured Tracks/Cargo/375 Media)

Diverse - Toggo Music 56 (Sony Music Media/Sony Music)

Diverse - Trance Megamix 2021 (Mix!/Rough Trade)

Doro - Magic Diamonds (Rare Diamonds Productions/Rough Trade)

Dragged Under - The World Is In Your Way (Mascot Label Group/Rough Trade)

Dominique Dumont - People On Sunday (Leaf/Indigo/375 Media)

Brian Eno - Film Music 1976-2020 (Universal Music)

Envy - Last Wish - Live At Liquidroom Tokyo (Pelagic/Cargo/375 Media)

Extrabreit - Auf EX! (Premium Records/Soulfood)

Fahrenhaidt - Memories Of Tomorrow (JMC Music/Rough Trade)

Falcon Jane - Faith (Darling/Cargo/375 Media)

Finity - Jazz Pa Engelsk: Finitys Destiny (Jazzland/Edel)

Kirk Fletcher - My Blues Pathway (Cleopatra Blues/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Foreigner - Can't Slow Down (Reissue) (earMusic/Edel)

Calima Fuchs - Kids Talk Fun (Felte/Cargo/375 Media)

Henning Fuchs - Gala (Neue Meister/Edel)

Johnny Gallagher And The Boxty Band - A 2020 Vision (Dixie Frog/Bertus)

Garagedays - Something Black (El Puerto Records/Soulfood)

Rea Garvey - Hy Brasil (Island/Universal Music)

Gentleman - Blaue Stunde (Urban/Universal Music)

Ghost Funk Orchestra - An Ode To Escapism (Karma Chief Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Ghøstkid - Ghøstkid (Century Media/Sony Music)

Thomas Godoj - Stoff (F.A.M.E. Rec./Sony Music)

Gong Wah - Gong Wah (Tonzonen Records/Soulfood)

Chilly Gonzales - A Very Chilly Christmas (Gentle Threat/Indigo/375 Media)

GrooVenoM - Mitten ins Herz (Out Of Line Music/Rough Trade)

Tina Guo - Winter Night: Traces In The Snow (Sony Music)

Hachiku - I'll Probably Be Asleep (Marathon Artists/Rough Trade)

Harlott - Detritus Of The Final Age (Metal Blade/Sony Music)

Peter Hesslein - Night Drive (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Homeboy Sandman - Don't Feed The Monster (Mello Music Group/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Clive Hunt/Azul/Diverse - Bad Bad Bad (1973-1976) (17th North Parade/Groove Attack)

Rebecca Immanuel - Light (Weihnachtsalbum) (Motor Entertainment/Edel)

Janeiro Jarel - After A Thousand Years (Far Out Recordings/Rough Trade)

Philippe Jaroussky - La Vanita Del Mondo (Erato/Warner Music)

Jesu - Terminus (Avalanche/Indigo/375 Music)

Elton John - Jewel Box (Mercury/Universal Music)

John K - Love + Everything Else (Sony Music)

Kala Brisella - Lost In Labour (Tapete/Indigo/375 Media)

Faten Kanaan - AMythology Of Circles (Fire Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Katatonia - Dead Air (Peaceville/Edel)

Katla - Allt Betta Helvitis Myrkur (Prophecy Productions/Soulfood)

Jonas Kaufmann - It's Christmas (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Kruder & Dorfmeister - 1995 (G-Stone/recordJet/Edel)

Heinz Rudolf Kunze - Wie der Name schon sagt - Solo live (Meadow Lake Music/Rough Trade)

L.A. Guns - Renegades (Golden Robot Records/Soulfood)

Lambchop - Trip (City Slang/Rough Trade)

Liraz - Zan (Glitterbeat/Indigo/375 Media)

Lord Of The Lost - Fears (Reissue) (Out Of Line Music/Rough Trade)

Lunatic Soul - Through Shaded Woods (Kscope/Edel)

Macabre - Carnival Of Killers (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Massendefekt - Zurück ins Licht (MD Records NRW/Warner Music)

John Mayall - Tough (Reissue) (earMusic Classics/Edel)

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Stories (Reissue) (earMusic Classics/Edel)

Meeco - We Out Here (newdef/recordJet/Edel)

Megaton Sword - Blood Hails Steel-Steel Hails Fire (Dying Victims/Edel)

Molchat Doma - Monument (Sacred Bones/Cargo/375 Media)

Nas - King's Disease (Caroline/Universal Music)

Falko Niestolik & BK Duke - Club Dimension (ZYX Music/ZYX)

Nuclear - Murder Of Crows (Black Lodge/Rough Trade)

Gregory Page - One Hell Of A Memory (V2/Bertus)

Lia Pale - Sing My Soul (Lotus Records/Harmonia Mundi)

Katy J. Pearson - Return (Heavenly Recordings/PIAS/Rough Trade)

The Pretty Things - Parachute (50th Anniversary Edition) (Kscope/edel)

Pyramaze - Epitaph (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Respire - Black Line (Holy Roar Records/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos - Live At The Hollywood Palladium (BMG/Warner Music)

André Rieu - Fröhliche Winterzeit (Universal Music)

Riot In The Attic - Dawn (Monkey Road Records/Nova MD)

Jürgen Saalmann - 28 Days (Stereoflex Records/Nova MD)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Hidari Ude No Yume (Reissue) (Wewantsounds/Groove Attack)

Ansa Sauermann - Trümmerlotte (Lotterlabel/Sony Music)

Scarlet - Obey The Queen (Arising Empire/Edel)

Henriette Sennenvaldt - Something Wonderful (Paper Bag/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Sometimes With Others - Nous (Grand Chess/Indigo/375 Media)

Jimmy Somerville - Suddenly Last Summer (10th Anniversary Edition) (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Soulburn - Noa's D'ark (Century Media Records/Sony Music)

Chris Stapleton - Starting Over (Capitol/Universal Music)

Stats - Powys 1999 (Memphis Industries/Indigo/375 Media)

Sun Ra - Egypt 1971 (Deluxe Edition) (Strut/Indigo/375 Media)

Die Toten Hosen - Learning English Lesson 3: Mersey Beat! The Sound Of Liverpool (JKP/Warner Music)

Trees - Trees (50th Anniversary Edition) (Earth Recordings/Cargo/375 Media)

TV Priest - Uppers (Hand In Hive/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Ava Vegas - Ava Vegas (Songs By Night/The Orchard)

Warfect - Spectre Of Devastation (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Who Made Who - Synchronicity (Kompakt/Rough Trade)

Kim Wilde - Wilde Winter Songbook (Deluxe Edition) (Reissue) (earMusic/Edel)

Witchrider - Electrical Storm (Fuzzorama Records/PHD)

Yukon Blonde - Vindicator (Dirty Alone Records/Membran)

Yungblud - Weird! (Interscope/Universal Music)


47. Woche


257ers - Hömma! (Selfmade Entertainment/Gold League/Sony Music)

A Burial At Sea - A Burial At Sea (Moment Of Collapse Records/Broken Silence)

Luke Abbott - Translate (Border Community/Rough Trade)

Die Aeronauten - Neun Extraleben (Tapete Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Alarmbaby - Killamädchen (Drakkar Entertainment/Sony Music)

Dave Alvin - From An Old Guitar (Yep Roc/Redeye/Bertus)

Anchorite - Further From Eternity (GMR Music Group/Soulfood)

Andyman - Nix ungwendlichs net (Preiser/Naxos)

Bad Nerves - Bad Nerves (Suburban/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Bearings - Hello, It's You (Pure Noise/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Black Knight - Tales From The Dark Side (Pure Steel Records/Soulfood)

Mary J. Blige - My Life (Universal Music)

BTS - BE (Deluxe Edition) (Big Hit Entertainment/Sony Music)

Cabaret Voltaire - Shadow Of Fear (Mute/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Jennifer Castle - Monarch Season (Paradise Of Bachelors/Cargo/375 Media)

Catt - Why, Why (Listenrecords/Broken Silence)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone At Alexandra Palace (Bad Seed Ltd./AWAL/Rough Trade)

Celo & Abdi - Mietwagentape 2 (385ideal/Universal Music)

Christoph De Babalon - Recurring Horrors (A Colorful Storm/Alive)

Cidesphere - Dawn Of A New Epoch (Testimony Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Eric Clapton/Diverse - Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019 (Rhino/Warner Music)

Communic - Hiding From The World (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Concede - Indoctrinate (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Corrosive - ED (Kernkraftritter Records/Alive)

Dark Tranquillity - Moment (Century Media Records/Sony Music)

Neil Diamond with The London Symphony Orchestra - Classic Diamond (Capitol/Universal Music)

Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations 2020 (Silver Lining/Warner Music)

The Dirty Knobs - Wreckless Abandon (BMG/Warner Music)

Dirty Projectors - 5 EPs (Domino Records/GoodToGo)

Diverse - Club Sounds - Best Of 2020 (Sony Music Media/Sony Music)

Diverse - Schlager Bild 2021 (Telamo/Warner Music)

Diverse - Strictly The Best 61 (VP/Groove Attack)

Diverse - Techno 2021 (ZYX Music/ZYX)

Diverse - Wir müssen hier raus - Eine Hommage an Ton Stein Scherben & Rio Reiser (Unter Schafen Records/Alive)

Die drei ??? - ... und das Grab der Maya (Europa/Sony Music)

George Duke - I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry (Reissue) (MPS/Edel)

George Duke - Liberated Fantasies (Reissue) (MPS/Edel)

Ellefson - No Cover (earMusic/Edel)

Fantasy - Weiße Weihnachten mit Fantasy (Ariola/Sony Music)

Jan Fedder & Big Balls - Aus Bock (Reissue) (Edel Records/Edel)

Jan Fedder & Big Balls - Fedder geht's nicht (Reissue) (Edel Records/Edel)

Fernando Express - Das Beste zum 50. Jubiläum (Telamo/Warner Music)

John Fogerty - Fogerty's Factory (BMG/Warner Music)

Aretha Franklin - Aretha (Rhino/Warner Music)

Frost* - 13 Winters (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Andreas Gabalier - A Volks'Rock'n'Roll Christmas (Electrola/Universal Music)

Josh Groban - Harmony (Reprise Records/Warner Music)

Matthew Halsall - Salute To The Sun (Gondwana/Groove Attack)

Hang On Sloopy - Hang On Sloopy (Live) (Telamo/Warner Music)

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Live In Maui (Legacy/Sony Music)

Herumor - Eine Liebe nicht weniger tief (Trisol Music Group/Soulfood)

Hjelvik - Welcome To Hel (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Iron Maiden - Nights Of The Dead - Legacy Of The Beast, Live In Mexico City (Parlophone/Warner Music)

Jinjer - Alive In Melbourne (Napalm Records/Universal Music)

Hooshyar Khayam/Bamdad Afshar - Raaz (30M Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Kianush - Boost (Universal Music)

Killer Be Killed - Reluctant Hero (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Larkin Poe - Kindred Spirits (Tricki-Woo Records/Bertus)

Last - Look Again (House Arrest/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Legend - Death In The Nursery (GoldenCore Records/ZYX)

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - III (Smalltown Supersound/Cargo/375 Media)

Living Room Heroes - Trouble In Mind (Butler Records/Bertus)

Loz Tinitoz - Schmetterlingseffekt (ES&L Entertainment/Nova Media)

Mariza - Mariza Canta Amália (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

Maybebop - Kinderkram (Ellenberger/Rough Trade)

Tim Minchin - Apart Together (BMG/Warner Music)

Ina Müller - 55 (Columbia/Sony Music)

My Dying Bride - Macabre Cabaret (MLP) (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Jack Name - Magic Touch (Mexican Summer/Alive)

New Model Army - Carnival (Reissue) (earMusic/Edel)

Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element Pt. I (Anniversary Mix 2020) (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

PG.Lost - Oscillate (Pelagic/Cargo/375 Media)

The Piano Guys - 10 (Masterworks/Sony Music)

Elvis Presley - From Elvis In Nashville (RCA International/Sony Music)

Duke Robillard - Blues Bash (Stony Plain/Alive)

Azure Ryder - Crazy With The Light (EP) (Island Records/Universal Music)

Pablo Sáinz-Villegas - Soul Of Spanish Guitar (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Sinfonietta Cracovia - Penderecki's Sinfonietta(s) (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Mike Singer - Paranoid!? (Warner Music)

Cassandra Steen - Der Weihnachtsgedanke (SugarLoup Records/Sony Music)

Tau 5 - Kreise (Fun In The Church/Bertus)

Thrudvangar - Vegvesir (Trollzorn Records/Soulfood)

TKKG - 216: Das Geheimnis im Jagdschloss (Europa(Sony Music)

UFO - Strangers In The Night (Deluxe Edition) (Chrysalis/Warner Music)

Konstantin Wecker - Jeder Augenblick ist ewig (Laut & Luise/Alive)

White Magician - Dealers Of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur Music/Soulfood)

Wolf & Moon - Follow The Signs (Auf die Plätze Records/Alive)


48. Woche


Götz Alsmann - L.I.E.B.E. (Blue Note/Universal Music)

Amahiru - Amahiru (earMusic/Edel)

Billy Joe Armstrong - No Fun Mondays (Warner Music)

Autumnblaze - Welkin Shores Burning (Argonauta Records)

Awaken - Out Of The Shadows (Pure Steel Records/Soulfood)

Bausa - 100 Pro (Downbeat Records/Warner Music)

Beyazz - Kara Tape (RCA Deutschland/Sony Music)

Blaze Bayley - Tenth Dimension (Plastic Head/Soulfood)

Blues Company - Take The Stage (in-akustik)

Cadaver - Edder & Bile (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Cats In Space - Atlantis (Cargo Records UK/Soulfood)

Coil - Musick To Play In The Dark (Reissue) (DIAS/Cargo/375 Media)

Darkness - Over And Out (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

Dexter - Yung Boomer (prodbydexter)

Diverse - The Dome Vol. 96 (Sony Music Media/Sony Music)

Diverse - Tokyo Dreaming (WeWantSounds/Groove Attack)

Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Pt. 3 (Tresor/Alive)

Dream Theater - Distant Memories - Live In London (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Die drei !!! - 070: Gefährliches Spiel (Europa/Sony Music)

Die drei ??? Kids - 079: Achtung, Abenteuer! (Europa/Sony Music)

Dresdner Kreuzchor/Peter Maffay - Das große Adventskonzert (Berlin Classics/Edel)

Ducks On Drugs - Stabil Labil (Audiolith/Broken Silence)

Eleine - Dancing In Hell (Black Lodge/Rough Trade)

Kelly Finnigan - A Joyful Sound (Cargo/375 Media)

Fler - Widder (Maskulin/Universal Music)

Fünf Freunde - 139: ... und die Geisterstadt (Europa/Sony Music)

Full House Brew Crew - Bare Knuckle (Rock Of Angels Records/Soulfood)

Furious Trauma - Decade At War (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

Godsend - As The Shadows Fall (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Hatebreed - Weight On The False Self (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

HGich.T - Los Angeles (Tapete Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Jack Slamer - Keep Your Love Loud (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Jaded Heart - Stand Your Ground (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

Joji - Nectar (ADA/Warner Music)

Angelo Kelly & Family - Coming Home For Christmas (Electrola/Universal Music)

Martin Kohlstedt - Flur (Warner Classics/Warner Music)

Peter Maffay - Peter Maffay und ... (Red Rooster/Sony Music)

Marathon - Mark Kelly's Marathon (earMusic/Edel)

Melanie C - Beautiful Intensions (Reissue) (Red Girl Media/Rough Trade)

Melanie C - Stages (Reissue) (Red Girl Media/Rough Trade)

Melanie C - The Sea (Reissue) (Red Girl Media/Rough Trade)

Ocean Hills - Santa Monica (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Our Oceans - While Time Disappears (Long Branch Records/SPV)

Roedelius - Drauf und dran (Grönland Records/Rough Trade)

The Sensible Grey Cells - Get Back Into The World (Damage Goods/Cargo/375 Media)

Sero - Regen (Four Music/Sony Music)

Slaughterday - Ancient Death Triumph (F.D.A. Records/Soulfood)

Smashing Pumpkins - CYR (Sumerian Records/Rykodisc/Warner Music)

Sodom - Genesis XIX (Steamhammer/SPV)

Steps - What The Future Holds (BMG/Warner Music)

Tungsten - Tundra (Arising Empire/Edel)

TV Smith - Lockdown Holiday (JKP/Warner Music)

Voivod - Lost Machine - Live (Century Media Records/Sony Music)

Volbeat - Rewind, Replay, Rebound: Live In Deutschland (Vertigo Berlin/Universal Music)

Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth (40th Anniversary Edition) (Domino Records/GoodToGo)

Within The Ruins - Black Heart (eOne/SPV)

World Party - Dumbing Up (Reissue) (Seaview/Rough Trade)

World Party - Goodbye Jumbo (Reissue) (Seaview/Rough Trade)


49. Woche


Ray Alder - What The Water Wants (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Angel - A Woman's Diary - The Hidden Chapter (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

The Bates - Unfucked (Live) (Glitterhouse/Indigo/375 Media)

Bells Fell Silent - Bells Fell Silent (Stargazer Records/Broken Silence)

Blackfield - For The Music (Warner Music International/Warner Music)

Blackmore's Night - Here We Come A Caroling (EP) (earMusic/Edel)

Blumfeld - Ich-Maschine (New Vinyl Edition) (Blumfeld/Edel)

Blumfeld - Jenseits von jedem (New Vinyl Edition) (Blumfeld/Edel)

Blumfeld - L'Etat Et Moi (New Vinyl Edition) (Blumfeld/Edel)

Blumfeld - Old Nobody (New Vinyl Edition) (Blumfeld/Edel)

Blumfeld - Testament der Angst (New Vinyl Edition) (Blumfeld/Edel)

Blumfeld - Verbotene Früchte (New Vinyl Edition) (Blumfeld/Edel)

Trevor Bolder - Sail The Rivers (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Jean-Paul Brodbeck - Expansion (Enya & Yellowbird Records/Edel)

Brotherly - Analects (Whirlwind/Indigo/375 Media)

Laura Carbone - Live At Rockpalast (Atlantic Curve/Schubert Music Records/The Orchard)

S. Carey - All We Grow (Jagjaguwar/Indigo/375 Media)

Ceremonial Castings - Salem 1692 (Soulfood)

Com Truise - In Decay, Too (Ghostly International/Cargo/375 Media)

Deafhaven - 10 Years Gone (Sargent House/Cargo/375 Media)

Descend To Acheron - The Transience Of Flesh (Petrichor/Universal Music)

Detlef - Supervision (Bakraufarfita/Broken Silence)

Deztroyer - Climate Change (GoldenCore Records/ZYX)

Diverse - Club Charts 2021 (Pink Revolver/Rough Trade)

Diverse - TechnoBase.FM Vol. 29 (ZYX Music/ZYX)

Diverse - Too Slow To Disco Neo pres. The Sunset Manifesto (How Do You Are?/Rough Trade)

Donots - Birthday Slams (Solitary Man Records/Warner Music)

Eyes Of Tomorrow - Settle For More (Swell Creek Records/Soulfood)

Fee - Nachtluft (O-Tone Music/Edel)

Fiddler's Green - 3 Cheers For 30 Years (Deaf Sheperd/Indigo/375 Media)

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Big Crown Vaults Vol. 1 (Big Crown Records/Cargo/375 Media)

For Those I Love - For Those I Love (September/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Steve Forbert - Jackrabbit Slim / Alive On Arrival (Blue Corn Music/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Foreign - The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Part II (Pride & Joy Music/Soulfood)

Henrik Freischlader Band - Missing Pieces (Cable Car Records/Alive)

G.I.S.M. - Detestation (Relapse/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Gama Bomb - Sea Savage (Prosthetic/Cargo/375 Media)

Marcel Gein - Good Morning Erlenbach (Tapete Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Goitzsche Front - Live in Berlin (D.O.R./Soulfood)

Gone Is Gone - If Everything Happens For A Reason ... Then Nothing (Clouds Hill/Warner Music)

Grandson - Death Of An Optimist (Atlantic/Warner Music)

Green Druid - At The Maw Of Ruin (Earache Records/Edel)

Half Japanese - Crazy Hearts (Fire Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Hamburg Spinners - Skorpion im Stiefel (Asexy/Broken Silence)

Hava - Weiss (Imperium Music/Sony Music)

Hawkwind - 50 Live (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Human Fortress - Epic Tales & Untold Stories (Massacre Records/Soulfood)

Iron Mask - Masters Of Masters (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Iron Savior - Skycrest (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Joyner Lucas - ADHD (Joynt/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Simone Kopmajer - Christmas (Mojo Lucky Records/Edel)

Majestica - A Christmas Carol (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Island/Universal Music)

Nazar - DNA (Nazar/Groove Attack)

Nominon - Yesterdeath (Target Records/SPV)

Paradise Lost - Draconian Times (25th Anniversary Edition) (Sony Music Catalog/Sony Music)

Die Punkies - 024: Swamp Beats! (Sony Music)

Rammstein - Herzeleid (XXV Anniversary Edition - Remastered) (Vertigo Berlin/Universal Music)

Rave The Reqviem - Stigmata Itch (Out Of Line/Rough Trade)

Lee Ritenour - Dreamcatcher (Mascot Label Group/Rough Trade)

Diknu Schneeberger Trio - Live From Porgy & Bess (O-Tone Music/Edel)

Teufelskicker - 086: Blau-Gelb bei den Bayern! (Europa/Sony Music)

Theatre Of Tragedy - Musique (20th Anniversary Edition) (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Toyah - Sheep Farming In Barnet (Expanded+Remastered) (Cherry Red/Rough Trade)

Unruly Child - Our Glass House (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

Valravn - Prey (Primitive Reaction)

Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment-Illumination (Frontiers Records/Soulfood)

The White Stripes - The White Stripes Greatest Hits (Third Man Records/Legacy/Sony Music Catalog/Sony Music)


50. Woche


Alma - Gracias A La Vida (Panchorama Records/Nova MD)

The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You (EMI/Universal Music)

Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)

Boris with Merzbow - 2r0i2p0 (Relapse/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction (FDR Remaster) (Earache Records/Edel)

Carcass - Swansong (FDR Remaster) (Earache Records/Edel)

Carcass - Symphonies Of Sickness (FDR Remaster) (Earache Records/Edel)

Howard Carpendale - Das Werk meines Lebens (Electrola/Universal Music)

Andy Cooper - L.I.S.T.E.N. (Unique/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Deeds Of Flesh - Nucleus (Unique Leader/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Diverse - Ballermann Ski Hits Top 100 2021 (MIX!/Rough Trade)

Diverse - Booom 2021 - The First (Sony Music Media/Sony Music)

Diverse - Cafe Exil - New Adventures in European Music 1972-80 (Ace Records/Soulfood)

Diverse - Megahits 2021 - Die Erste (PolyStar/Universal Music)

Domkraft - Day Of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records/Alive)

Elephant Tree - Day Of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records/Alive)

Laura Jane Grace - Stay Alive (Big Scary Monsters/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Albert Hammond - Legend II (Hypertension/Indigo/375 Media)

Hanni und Nanni - 068: Schlaflose Nächte mit Hanni und Nanni (Europa/Sony Music)

Harmonia - Complete Works (Grönland/Rough Trade)

Horsehunter - Days Of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records/Alive)

Ice Nine Kills - I Heard The Kill Live (Fearless/in-akustik)

Pete Josef - I Rise With The Birds (Sonar Kollektiv/Indigo/375 Media)

Kacy & Clayton/Marlon Williams - Plastic Bouquet (New West Records/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Killing Joke - Killing Joke (Reissue) (Spinefarm/Universal Music)

Killing Joke - Pandemonium (Reissue) (Spinefarm/Universal Music)

The Kills - Little Bastards (Domino Records/GoodToGo)

The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One (Reissue) (Sanctuary/BMG/Warner Music)

Less Than Jake - Silver Linings (Pure Noise/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Loredana - Medusa (Loredana/Groove Attack)

Yo-Yo Ma/Kathryn Stott - Songs Of Comfort And Hope (Sony Classical/Sony Music)

Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Capitol/Universal Music)

Pequod - Spineless (Blood Blast Distribution)

Phase Reverse - Phase IV Genocide (Rock Of Angels Records/Soulfood)

Louis Philippe & The Night Mail - Thunderclouds (Tapete Records/Indigo/375 Media)

Puscifer - Existential Reckoning (BMG/Warner Music)

Riverside - Lost'n'Found - Live In Tilburg (Inside OutMusic/Sony Music)

Seba Kaapstad - Konke (Melloe Music Group/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Silent Skies - Satellites (AFM Records/Soulfood)

Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin' Grass (High Top Mountain/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Six Foot Six - End Of All (Audioglobe/SPV)

Small Bills - Don't Play It Straight (Mellow Music Group/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Summoner - Day Of Doom Live (Magnetic Eye Records/Alive)

Tempers - Services (DAIS/Cargo/375 Media)

Video Game Jazz Orchestra - Hang On To Your Hat - Music From Super Mario 64 (Black Scene Records/Cargo/375 Media)

Rick Vito - Mojo On My Side (Hypertension/Indigo/375 Media)

Warlord - And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun (High Roller Records/Soulfood)

Kamasi Washington - Becoming (Music From The Netflix Original Documentary) (Young Turks/Beggars Group/Indigo/375 Media)


51. Woche


The Bug feat. Dis Fig - In Blue (Hyperdub/Cargo/375 Media)

Diverse - Bravo Hits Party 2000er (Sony Music Compilations/Sony Music)

Drive-By Truckers - The New OK (ATP/PIAS/Rough Trade)

Eternal Champion - Ravening Iron (No Remorse/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Gregorian - Pure Chants (earMusic/Edel)

Iced Earth - Iced Earth (30th Anniversary Edition) (Century Media Records/Sony Music)

Julien Boss - Intro (Anti Society/Distri/Groove Attack)

Lawrence Lek - Aidol (Soundtrack) (Hyperdub/Cargo/375 Media)

No Return - Live XXX (Target Records/SPV)

Offenbarung 23 - 090: Liebe (Lübbe Audio/Sony Music)

Pillory - Scourge Upon Humanity (Unique Leader/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)

Samra - Rohdiamant (Urban/Universal Music)

John Sinclair - Folge 142: Das Grauen aus dem Bleisarg (Lübbe Audio/Sony Music)

Trouble - Trouble (Reissue) (Plastic Head/Soulfood)


52. Woche


Vein - Old Data In A New Machine Vol. 1 (Closed Casket/The Orchard/Membran/Bertus)